Our spas give your home a relaxation center. Step into the ease, comfort, and health benefits of hydrotherapy. Let your tension, aches, and discomfort dissolve in the warm, soothing jets in our beautiful and comfortable spas.

Hot Spring

Owning a Hot Spring® spa means that you can relax in the knowledge that you bought the best spa made. The maker of HotSpring spas is the only hot tub manufacturer to have one of its spas named a Best Buy each of the six times Consumers Digest has rated spas.

We install happiness

We install our hot tubs for the very best massage experience. We offer the reputable brands whose innovation, design, and build quality will ease your muscles and relieve your stress for years to come. 

Efficiency and Ease

We offer  a wide range of high efficiency spas with options for easy water filtration and cleaning.

A better life

Add joy and enjoyment to your life with a spa from Aloha Pools and Spas. With options like remotes, high visibility panels, lighting, and water features, we have exactly what you need.

Choose relaxation

With an Aloha Pools and Spas spa installation, you will have a massage awaiting you every evening or an invigorating start to your mornings.

Changes for the better

Studies show that consistent use of hydrotherapy can relieve symptoms of a wide variety of discomforts and conditions. 

Connecting people

Spas are a great way to share time together with family and loved ones. Relaxing and enjoying one another’s company.


The Details Matter.

Aloha Pools and Spas creates the space where you can relax, connect with family and friends, and bring your families closer. Our pools and spas give you the space you need to be yourself. Find harmony again in the ease, fun, and relaxing atmosphere our pools, spas, and outdoor spaces create.

Countoured Seats

Thoughtfully crafted seats help you keep correct posture while the warm, bubbly water soothes your body.


Muscle tension and soreness ease away under the soothing jets of water in our spas.

Water Features

The comforting sound of a waterfall and the beauty of a fountain add elegance and enjoyment to your spa experience 

Sound Systems

Take your spa experience to next level with stereo systems to bring the perfect ambiance. Feel the sounds of your favorite music coupled with the warmth of the water. Pure Bliss.

Ease in to your comfort zone.

Bahama Spas

Step outside your fast-paced life and into the soothing, effervescent, crystal clear waters of Bahama Spas. Bahama Spas has the perfect fit for every spa enthusiast. Built to last and designed for comfort, Bahama Spas offer everything discerning spa owners crave. Ample room and first-class amenities make for a winning combination while high performance equipment and a wide variety of jets ensure users true hydrotherapy. Bahama Spas will bring a sense of vacation to your backyard and a sense of serenity to your life. For more information, check out the Bahama Spas Brochure.

Free Flow Spas

Freeflow™ Spas offers the best combination of features and price of any hot tub brand on the market today. Utilizing an advanced manufacturing method that slashes costs while incorporating many of the same features found in the most expensive spa brands such as ozone, waterfalls, lighting effects and more, makes Freeflow the perfect choice.

Melt the tension away.


For more than 50 years, Jacuzzi® has been a brand that defines a combination of ideas and innovative technologies. It defines the fun and relaxing hot tubbing experience, whether social or private, which will both completely satisfy you and leave you wanting more. Jacuzzi® has established itself as both an inventor and innovator of modern day hot tubs and whirlpool baths. Once you experience hydrotherapy in a Jacuzzi® hot tub, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. When you slip into the hot massaging waters, your muscles will relax and your mind will clear. Aloha Pools & Spas of Jackson offers a number of Jacuzzi® models with a variety of features that are sure to work perfectly in your backyard, leaving you with the ultimate soaking experience.

Easy maintenance

The simple maintenance of our spas allow you time to enjoy instead of taking time to maintain. We offer all the products you need to keep your spa ready anytime you need hydrotherapy.


More jets do not equal a better hydromassage, but the right jets do. Exclusive, adjustable PowerPro® jets that utilize Aqualibrium® – the perfect mix of air and water – deliver a high-flow, low pressure hydromassage that sets the industry standard.

Ergonomic Seating

 While comfort is always at the forefront, each ergonomic seat and headrest in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is not only designed to follow the contours of the human form, but are also engineered to perfectly position your body to maximize the benefits of our premium hydromassage experience.


Jacuzzi® Brand hot tubs are designed for reliability. Every part you see – and even those you don’t – is exceptionally engineered with the best materials to ensure a superior product. With more than 250 quality checks and outstanding inspection standards, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have a reputation for dependability.

The Difference

Come Home to Caldera

Ease into the warm, soothing waters of your Caldera spa and instantly feel the transformation begin. Dissolve tension with the powerful comfort of Caldera hydromassage jets. Experience pure relaxation. Your Caldera spa breathes new life and enjoyment into time spent with family and friends. When you come home to Caldera, you come to life. It’s the perfect way to feel better instantly – anytime


Since their establishment in 2003, WELLIS products have found steadily increasing popularity throughout Europe as more people change to a healthier lifestyle and demand high quality personal wellness equipment in their homes and gardens.
You may be surprised to learn that the renowned WELLIS range of “whirlpool” baths and garden Spas are produced in Hungary, Europe. From early beginnings as a straightforward import/export business, WELLIS has quickly realised the increasing consumer demand for high quality products, not always available from current suppliers.

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