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Pool School Videos

Learn How to Maintain Your Pool to Get the Most Out of Your Investment for a Lifetime of Enjoyment


Need some help on doing maintenance on your pool or need a refresher from pool school?  See these videos below done by our very own project manager Bronson Doyle.

Cleaning the Skimmers

It is important to check and clean your skimmers on a regular basis in order to keep your pool running smoothly.  When too much debris builds up in the skimmers, it obstructs water flow and causes your pump to lose prime.

Cleaning the Bowl & Priming the Pump

It’s important to clean any debris out of pump basket and get the pump back primed up effectively.

Vacuuming the Pool

To get dirt and debris out of the pool, it is necessary to vacuum

Using Your Polaris Vacuum Cleaner

 Your Polaris cleaner is one of the best in the industry and does a great job of cleaning your pool!  Here are instructions on how to take it in and out of the pool, as well as how to clean the bag.

Operating the VX Salt System

The VX Salt System works to turn salt into natural chlorine to kill bacteria and algae in your pool and keep it clean.

Adding Chlorine Tabs to the Chlorinator

Another option for sanitizing your pool is going with an inline chlorinator.

Operating Your Connect 10

The Connect 10 offers pool automation and timers for your inground pool!

Cleaning Your Salt Cell

Every so often, it is important to clean your salt cell so that it can effectively produce chlorine and push it to your return plumbing lines.

Cleaning Your Cartridge Filter

It is important to clean your filters so that they are able to work properly.  We offer two different cartridge filters for inground pools.  The first video is for the 310 cartridge filter, and the second video is for our larger 420 cartridge filter.

Cleaning the Filter

Regular cleaning of filters makes the entire system function more reliably, more efficiently, and with less wear.


Maintaining your above ground pool is easy with these simple instructions

Cleaning the Skimmer and Pump Baskets

A dirty Skmmer and Pump Basket will impede the water flow and prevent the system from functioning at peak performance. Water quality and efficiency will suffer. This quick maintenance will improve your pool water quality.

Above Ground Pool Cartride Cleaning

Keeping your pool clear and clean requires a clean filter. Aloha offers all the parts you need.